These are just some of the many testimonials received by our clients (used with permission):

My daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I was blinded by anger, overwhelmed with anguish, and couldn’t function. Through EWCC, God helped me to forgive the person who killed my daughter, helped me to let go, to experience joy again, and to learn to LIVE again!       
I was the victim of childhood sexual and physical abuse. I carried the shame with me each and every day. I thought I was “used goods” and unlovable. I became addicted to drugs and alcohol, lived on the streets, and sold myself because I thought that was all I was worth. Then I found Eagle’s Wings. Through EWCC, I learned that I was a person of worth; I let go of the shame that was not mine to carry, and felt freedom in forgiving my abusers. I now am happily married, have a job, and am living in Freedom and Joy!                                                            

I was addicted to pornography, and was in a failing marriage due to affairs that I had. I was locked in chains, a prisoner of my own addiction. I was broken. Thanks to EWCC, I have been set free from my addiction! I am becoming whole again and am restoring my relationship with my family!
Our first marital session, we announced that after 15+ years of marriage, we were going to get a divorce. We have three children. Through our sessions at Eagle’s Wings, we learned to understand each other, to forgive each other, to laugh with each other, and to enjoy each other again. Our marriage (and family) is now stronger than ever!

I had seen other counselors for dealing with my husband's abusive behavior and sexual addiction and it left me feeling misunderstood, feeling like it was my responsibility, and confused.  I was broken and had no hope.  I came to EWCC on the recommendation of my Pastor.  Sitting with a therapist in the Wellspring Program I finally felt understood, validated, and had some hope that someone gets the trauma I've been through and could help me navigate such a confusing time.  I attended the women's groups and did individual counseling.  Today, I am strong, recovering, and have a new hope for my future.  I see clearly all that was happening in my marriage and found tools to equip me to deal with it, face the issues, and make healthy decisions.  Thank you EWCC!  

I was bullied at school, hated myself, and thought about suicide.  I am in the 8th grade.  My counselor helped me and now I have self-confidence and know how to deal with life, bullies, and friends.  Thank you.  

I felt unloved; I hated myself; and I cut myself daily. Now I know that I am loved by God, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I am taking care of myself!
I had an affair. It devastated my wife and caused me to lose my faith. Through counseling at EWCC, I know that I am forgiven, I came to understand the woundedness that fueled me having an affiar, and I am becoming the husband that I always should have been.  They understood all the dynamics for both myself and my wife and we found hope and healing there.

I am the Pastor of a large local church.  I didn't feel like I could turn to anyone.  I found safe, confidential, Biblical, wise counsel from my counselor at EWCC who helped me navigate a particularly tough time.  Grateful they are here for our community!
“Eagle’s Wings Counseling Center is an unbelievably helpful resource for churches and the community at large in the city of Venice.  They assist many churches, including The Bridge, by furthering the counseling process in many individuals that may be beyond the expertise of a pastor.  Their wonderful staff deals with a wide range of issues in a very professional, cost effective manner, and they do so in a Biblical, God honoring way.  They have helped so many from my church, and I am truly thankful for them.  It is wonderful to know that there is a place in our community that I can send people to with confidence, knowing that they will receive the best help–all centering around God’s Word!”

Matt Day, Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church

“What a great resource to have Eagle’s Wings Counseling Center, a Christian approach to wellness, here in the Venice area!  As much as pastors love their congregants, sometimes professional services are required to move the healing process along.  I have found Eagle’s Wings to be very effective and efficient in scheduling, billing, and most importantly client care.  I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of emotional health, including pastors themselves.”

Bob Haley, Family Pastor/Administrator, Christ United Methodist Church

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude to EWCC for the outstanding job you do on a daily basis in helping the patients I have referred to you to deal with their personal problems. It is comforting to know that when I refer a patient to your practice, I know they will be treated with dignity and objectivity, without risk of prejudice or personal bias. Our community is indeed “blessed” by your Christian approach in helping fellow human beings in crisis and doing so with gentleness and kindness. I wish you continued success and pray for your work, which I realize at times must be both spiritually demanding and emotionally draining. God bless you always!

Dr. Stephen C. Mayers, Gulf Coast Medical Group

“I have been a youth pastor in Venice for over 10 years, and the counselors at Eagle’s Wings have been a consistently amazing support for me personally and professionally. When I have needed to refer a teenager whose struggles are beyond my ability to fully process recovery, they have come alongside of me and our church to show the Truth and Grace of Jesus to hearts and minds that were broken.  They have also been available to me when I have faced circumstances I didn’t know how to counsel through, and they gave crucial help in the moment.  I love how God has equipped them to love Him by loving hurting people.”

Travis Reynolds, Youth Pastor, Grace Community Bible Church