WellSpring Program at EWCC

WellSpring is a comprehensive treatment program designed for individuals and/or couples who have been affected by sexual betrayal including pornography addiction and/or affairs.  Whether you are an individual struggling with an addiciton, you have been unfaithful to your spouse, or your spouse has betrayed you, there is freedom, restoration, and healing for you!!

The Directors and team of Wellspring Counselors are on the cutting edge of treatment for wounded spouses and couples.  From work with hundreds of wounded spouses, they have identified and named the unique cluster of symptoms one experiences when there is discovery of betrayal, called Relational Trauma Response (RTR), and have developed a comprehensive treatment program based on this trauma model.  We address and treat the addiction/betrayal FIRST, before any "regular" marriage counseling, because we know that safety, trust, and sobriety need to be established BEFORE anything else otherwise it's like building a house on the sand with no solid foundation.  

Join the hundreds of individuals and couples who have found healing, restoration, and freedom through our program!  Contact us today for more information and learn how we can help you. 

There is HOPE!
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